Game Rules

  1. Each team shall register a maximum of 5 players.
  2. Only 4 players per team are allowed in the playing pitch at any one time. Each team shall consist of 1 goalkeeper and 3 players. The minimum number of players permitted to start or finish a match is 3 players of which 1 must be a goalkeeper.
  3. Each match shall consist of two 5-minute halves. Teams to change sides after the first half with play resuming immediately thereafter. At the start of each half, the referee tosses the ball into play from a position midway along the sidelines. Players can be substituted at any time during play only after obtaining permission from the referee, but the substituted player must leave the pitch before the replacement enters.
  4. Goals can only be scored from outside the penalty area, marked by a semi-circle in front of the goal mouth.
  5. A goal scored direct from a goal kick situation is not considered unless the ball is deflected off another player on the pitch.
  6. After each goal, play resumes with a goal kick by the goalkeeper.
  7. All free kicks are indirect free kicks.
  8. Only the goalkeeper is allowed to handle the ball within his own penalty area. The goalkeeper cannot make contact with the ball outside the penalty area when the game is in play, otherwise a penalty will be awarded to the opposing team.
  9. During play, the goalkeeper is only allowed to use under the arm throw to send the ball to another player, with the ball not rising above the level of his shoulder. For breach of this rule, a penalty will be awarded to the opposing team.
  10. When the ball goes out-of-play along the sidelines, a “roll-in” will be awarded against the team that last played the ball. The player conducting the “roll-in” must hold the ball in one arm, and roll the ball into play with a single, under arm motion, ensuring that the ball does not rise above his shoulder level. For breach of this rule, a “roll-in” will be awarded to the opposing team.
  11. When a ball goes out-of-play along the goal line, a “goal-kick” is awarded to the team whose goal line the ball crosses, irrespective who last played the ball. The goalkeeper takes a “goal-kick” only, with the ball in a stationary position anywhere within his/her penalty area. A goal can only be scored after another player makes contact with the ball. For any breach of this rule, the “goal-kick” will be re-taken.
  12. In an intentional back pass situation, the goalkeeper is not allowed to handle the ball. A penalty will be awarded to the opponent for breach of this rule.
  13. A “penalty” is conducted with the goalkeeper positioned within his penalty area and an opposing player positioned within the opponentʼs penalty area. All other players must remain out of the way but within the pitch. Once the referee is satisfied that the player and the goalkeeper are in position and ready, the ball is handed to the player who then moves the ball forward, with his feet, towards the opposing goalkeeperʼs penalty area. The player will take a shot at goal from outside the goalkeeperʼs penalty area without undue delay. If the shot is deflected into play the ball is considered ʻin playʼ and the game resumes automatically.
  14. Any forms of rough play e.g. tackling a playerʼs feet, body-checks, pushing, tripping, etc. is strictly forbidden. Ungentlemanly and violent conduct, e.g. using verbal obscenities, obscene gestures, arguing with the referees, fighting etc. is also forbidden. A first caution or “Yellow Card” shown to a player for infringement automatically warrants a one-minute suspension from play for the guilty player. For any subsequent caution, the player is shown a “Red Card” the player is disqualified from further play and barred from participation for the rest of the tournament. The match then resumes without any replacement for the disqualified player.
  15. In the event of a “draw” at the end of regulation play the match goes into “sudden-death” penalty kicks. Maximum of 3 kicks per team will be taken. If after the penalty kicks the team scores are still tied then the referee shall decide the winner of the match by a “toss of Coin”.